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The IWC Message Board is intended to be used for inquiries and sharing information about subjects related to willow. You may also use it to buy, sell and trade willow-related items, although IWC, its board and members are not responsible for any sales, trades, transactions, agreements or correspondence taking place on the site between two parties. By using our message board you accept and understand these terms. IWC is not a certified appraiser; therefore as an organization cannot provide values or appraisals. Although individuals who visit this message board may be, and may respond to such inquiries. Other individuals and collectors may respond to such requests on their own accord, based on current knowledge of the market, eBay and other references available to them. As with all values, they are subjective and strictly the opinion of those providing the value. For an easy and current value of willow, IWC recommends a visit to search under "completed listings" to see if your item has sold recently, and see for how much. Thanks for visiting our site!

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