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    Re: Fake 410 ?? Archived Message

    Posted by Gary Rennles on March 12, 2015, 7:50 am, in reply to "Re: Fake 410 ??"

    When the gun was up to $850, I wondered if they would do the right thing. Now that it is up to $2700 I really wonder if they will do the right thing. Please call them at 478-845-1998 to voice your opinion about the gun.
    If they sell the gun after being informed that the gun is a fake, it leaves them open to legal actions. when the new owner of this gun realizes what they just bought they will get their money back
    It only takes a few seconds of your time, and you will know that you helped.
    I have been collecting for 35 years, and there were a few deals that I wish someone stepped up
    and saved me from.
    Think back I am Shure that many of you were in the same boat, at the start of your collecting.
    So lets try to do the right thing, it will only take a few min. and you will feel good about doing the right thing.

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