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    Re: Fake 410 ?? Archived Message

    Posted by John Liles on March 11, 2015, 6:20 pm, in reply to "Re: Fake 410 ??"

    Yes sir Dan, you're exactly right! I saw one of these Crescent frankenguns (Credit to Dr. Drew) at last years Spring Southern, for sale by someone that "should" have known better. Thanks to modern technology and a wireless tablet computer, I was able to show the seller exactly what it was about his " Elsie .410" that made it a Crescent. He was "totally surprised" and voluntarily stopped pushing his garage sale queen at the Southern. It should be noted here that the seller was not one of the folk that pay for seller space under the tent. (surprised.....not me!)There may be a reason that shoot MGT gets pissed when they discover some person selling guns out of their Maxima Trunk!
    The real shame and biggest potential looser here is the (as has already been mentioned in this thread)new enthusiast who thinks he's fixin to hit one out of the park because he found an Elsie .410 for less than the going market value. The truth, and a bushel basket of hate and discontent awaits......

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