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    Posted by Gary Rennles on March 11, 2015, 10:17 am, in reply to "Re: Fake 410 ??"

    Yes A nice Crescent might be worth that. The problem for me is that it is not a nice Crescent shotgun at all, or a LC Smith as advertised. This is a good example of bad work, and poor business
    Practice. I could understand if this was being sold by a privet seller, He might not know better. To him it says LC SMITH on the side so that's what it is.
    This gun is being sold by gun dealer, a professional that should know better.
    I don't just see the fake LC Smith, I see the starting gun collector. He will buy this gun That is now up to $850 as a LC Smith. Will he continue his collecting of fine old doubles when this sale is over? Or will he be burned so bad that, next time he will be looking at that nice new autoloader with the synthetic stock.
    I hear that the pool of collectors of double guns is shrinking. Guns like this can destroy that desire to collect.
    On the welcome page it says:
    1) stimulate and educate members and the public in their knowledge of the history and production of the L.C. Smith shotgun, (2) encourage the value of good sportsmanship to shooter and collector members and the public

    I am surprised that so few people seem to have anything to say. It seems many would rather sit and wait for the train wreck to happen, than to try to avoid it.
    I can only hope that the current bidder and any future bidders finds their way to this site, before the sale ends and saves themselves a big loss.

    And the gun is listed with "deluxe upgraded wood", notice the custom bedding compound used to get that nice tight fit that all high grade guns come with. This gun is junk and fake.

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