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    Posted by SGT on October 18, 2006, 10:48 am, in reply to "Re: monogram grade"

    According to the Brophy Book, your gun shipped 6/29/21 and was described as a Monogram grade 12 bore with 30" barrels having option symbols "ROT".
    The "R" symbol denotes Regular (or standard) frame, the "O" symbol denotes the Hunter selective One-trigger, and Mr. Brophy did not explain a meaning for the "T" symbol; but I suspect it was also connected to the Hunter One-trigger. Interestingly, the shipping records did not record that your gun was originally shipped with auto-ejectors, although I suspect it was. The Krupp barrels (Whitworth Steel barrels were standard) indicate a special customer request, as these were not a factory listed option in 1921; and demonstrate again that Hunter always went the second mile to please their customers. Unless ordered otherwise, the stocks on your gun would be English walnut; and, if you must replace your stock, you would be well advised to restore the gun with a piece of English walnut matching the original as closely as possible. My best advice is to restore the original wood if possible. If that is not possible (badly damaged, a woeful fit, etc), be sure to preserve the original wood; as doing so will help preserve gun value. Hopefully, your trigger conversation was done at the gunworks; and if not, by a competent professional. When you get a chance, we would certainly appreciate some photos (and you might wish to check the Double Gun Journal, Spring and Fall issues, for the discussion therein on Smith guns and Krupp barrels).

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