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    Posted by Open Minded on December 6, 2019, 10:11 am, in reply to "Re: Wally Bunker"

    Mr Bunker, you are entitled to whatever opinion you may have of me, but much of you stated is just pure fiction or a figment of your imagination. If you'd like to provide me with specific examples of some of your opinions I'll respond to them.

    He wants to race bait as a white liberal, and this is one conservative on this site that cant suck up to someone like that after hearing it for months on end.

    Can you give me any examples of this, there should be plenty since you had to hear it for months on end. I believe I asked you if you were racist at one time and never got an answer, but I don't recall ever "playing the race card".

    He whines after i dont kiss up to him and then complains that i post too much when i dont agree with anything that he says, which i really dont.

    I would never expect or want you to "kiss up to me" and I can't recall whining about it... so give me an example. I don't think I was the one who complained about you posting to much, but I did mention that many times you will be the only one that responds to your own post.

    Hes a phony and a manipulator,

    I guess that's just your opinion, but it's not fact based. Feel free to elaborate on that.

    Just recently he lashed back at Opie on here because he thought Opie said something he didnt like to him, when Opie it seems was talking to me. One little itsy bitsy comment and that (blabla bla, arent we having a nice conversation truce went poof) One more misdirected comment and poor Opie would have been a racist again. LOL.... Opie chose to let it go, and he can do what he wants, it was after all a misunderstanding. (But but but, it shows just how much leeway Opie has, and it didnt really seem like very much did it?) No i dont think so. That was pretty good i have to admit

    WTF? All I can figure is this must be some distorted interpretation of a back and forth between Opie and I. I thought you don't read my posts?

    So, again, if you want to provide me some examples of this, bring it on, and I'll respond.

    As far as your statements about ass kissing or sucking up to someone.... you want everyone to pick a box and stay in that box. If someone dares to agree with or back up someone in an opposite box they are kissing their ass and are no longer loyal to your box.

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