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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 6, 2019, 12:38 am, in reply to "Wally Bunker"

    He doesnt challenge me, i hear his kind of drivel evryday. He wants to race bait as a white liberal, and this is one conservative on this site that cant suck up to someone like that after hearing it for months on end. I did it for awhile, so maybe i was an enabler. Some get a little mad and are back kissing his ass a week later, that may have at one time been me, not so much anymore. OM says he calls me out? Ok, i guess he can say that. He whines after i dont kiss up to him and then complains that i post too much when i dont agree with anything that he says, which i really dont. He does want to challenge me just as long as i dont respond, and he can as a pink skinned leftist, race bait? Sounds like great terms, similar to those we witnessed on the Schitt show.
    Ive never once said OM was dumb, stupid or anything of the sort, because he isnt. Hes a phony and a manipulator, which in politics is actually quite common. Just recently he lashed back at Opie on here because he thought Opie said something he didnt like to him, when Opie it seems was talking to me. One little itsy bitsy comment and that (blabla bla, arent we having a nice conversation truce went poof) One more misdirected comment and poor Opie would have been a racist again. LOL.... Opie chose to let it go, and he can do what he wants, it was after all a misunderstanding. (But but but, it shows just how much leeway Opie has, and it didnt really seem like very much did it?) No i dont think so. That was pretty good i have to admit.
    I dont come in here to do a whole lot of challenging, evryone is pretty dug in at this point. Sure i seek out others who have similar views, even if that can be a little boring. Any person in here that would even consider voting for any of these Democrats is not a conservative. You can hate Trump all you want, and in fact hes not even a real conservative, but hes a lot closer than any of these Democrat Sandinistas.

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