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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 5, 2019, 1:26 pm, in reply to "Re: Impeach 45"

    Well bob, i know you dont count me in that group. I was about the only conservative that ever went back and forth with OM without constantly looking for a reason to kiss his ass. I finally decided to just ignore him and his underlings when they said i posted way too much. Hes not dumb, hes just a phony. He knows 99% of what he says is garbage, and yet continues to attempt to pose as a middle of the roader, just looking for the truth kind of guy. Thats hardly anything new, social media is full of guys like that, some even claim to be disgruntled Republican who despise Trump. Ya, PHONIES.
    Thats my only real issue with him, his phoniness. It would be like me coming in here and calling myself a Trump Hater and then proceeding to trash Democrats. That would be phony as hell, thats the difference. I dont make any bones about my considerable hatred of the Democrat Party, and ive always said i hate them much more than i like the Republicans. But you see when me and River and a few others start getting a little bit too uppity in here the libs will bring in someone from the outside to whine about the site supposedly being only for local stuff. Then as soon as they have a news day they feel they can make hay on they start trashing Trump again. Thats how it works. Again the P word.
    So now unless its a post about something non political i just ignore them, because i have to admit in the end, i dont much care what they think any way. I make an exception now and again for Palin because he is mildly amusing.

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