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    Posted by MrSmith on October 4, 2018, 3:24 am, in reply to "Re: Kindergarten Open House"

    Excuses, excuses, excuses,

    When people have an auto response of "these teachers have to pay for this or that" out of their own pocket, it makes the majority of the people who read that crap, do a king sized eye roll behind their back.

    Especially if they are talking about an educator from our city. No more major holidays than their are, no more special occasions than there are, even if a teacher has to drop an occasional 20 dollar bill on extra supplies of any kind, with their salaries, it doesn't cripple them.

    No more than anyone else who is employed, whether it is picking up an occasional box of doughnuts to bring into the office now and then, or a bag of candy to share. Many times I bought incentive gifts or rewards throughout my years of employment and it sure didn't occur to me to pass the hat, or beg for the sympathies of others, for doing so.

    Like I said above, this is nothing more than excuses. The kids already have scissors, paper, crayons, glue etc...that was supplied by the parents for the school year. What is wrong with allowing the children to make their own decorations for fall time or Halloween to spruce up their own class room? That would take a little imagination, and effort on the teacher's part, and that my excuse making friends, does not cost a dime.

    When I hear comments like what did you do? Or, have you done anything constructive to try to be part of the solution? Exactly just how much does a parent or volunteer have to do, to justify expecting the smallest bit of effort and creativity from a teacher? If you have a principal and an assistant principal that are doing their jobs, they know the teachers just like the one that is the topic of this thread, and it is their job to step in and see what is happening or not happening, that makes a certain classroom sub par when comparing to the others.

    My wife and I are the parents who always donate extra supplies. Several times throughout the year we send in new folders, paper, tablets, pencils etc. We often ask about the need for more hand sanitizer, Kleenex. Just this week alone, we sent bags of spider rings, Halloween themed pencils, stickers. We can't be the only family in town that does this. It takes a village my friends, but it also takes a good leader/teacher to make the very best learning experience possible, that is what they are paid to do.

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