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    Posted by New School Parent on October 2, 2018, 9:27 pm

    Went to the kindergarten Open House earlier this evening at Prather. I have a question. I saw beautifully decorated classrooms for these kindergarten students. I mean rooms that would make any kid happy to be there, things hanging from the ceiling, on the doors, projects the kids had done, pictures and then I saw my kid's classroom. My jaw dropped open. Nothing, not a picture hanging, it looked like a prison classroom. Nothing that would let a parent know that there kid had even been there. There was a single book on a single table with one picture from each kid about what they wanted to be for Halloween, and that was it. Nothing hanging on the walls from the kids, I mean what the hell! Why would all the other kindergarten teachers make their rooms looks so fun and inviting and my kids classroom is depressing and totally lacking any connection with the students. Is it pure laziness? I mean I really can't believe what I saw. It made my kind of sad for my kid. This doesn't seem to be an issue of needing volunteers. Its more like the woman doesn't give a chit. I probably would of been like this room could use some inspiration, but the difference between it and the other kindergarten classes was jolting. I hope this teacher reads this. Dottie Falter check out the differences in your kindergarten classes. Why aren't all of your kindergartners being treated to such a cheerful and wonderful learning environment? Mr. Greenwald step in, make being at Prather fun for ALL the students. Once you took a look you'll have no problem identifying which class I'm talking about.

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