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    Posted by 3Dee on October 3, 2018, 7:08 pm, in reply to "Kindergarten Open House"

    Did you offer to help?

    Give me a teaching job (I promise you that wouldn't be a good idea) and you'll even see the cork above the chalkboard and the bulletin board next to the chalkboard as well.

    Maybe one post-it note somewhere.... "You can do it, Kid.." in case the principal is observing the class that day.

    The point is, whether I would be the best teacher or not, creating an anti-teacher mob on Granite City Gossip isn't the answer. It rarely is going to make the teacher or school look bad.

    There are some bad eggs out there and I get that. It's just the first question I would ask is what are you doing about it?

    I have a nameless relative on my social media network....and I have to snooze this person every 30 days. Even on the slowest of months, which September happened to be.....it still seemed like that 30 days of her returning came back so quickly.

    Nothing with that school her kid goes to seems to be right... Of course, the behavior she displays is quite horrendous in comparison.... and no I'm not saying you're anything like that.

    I'm just saying..... do something constructive about it.

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