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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 2, 2017, 11:07 am, in reply to "Re: This Chart is Rigged"

    I wanted to make a joke about the straight Democrat vote comment but i will refrain.
    Deep down i want to agree with you that Obama was the worst president ever. He was the most devious with the way he handled the IRS and DOJ, but i cant put him in the number one spot, that i leave for FDR. Carter was horrible but wasnt around long enough to get in my top 3,but ill never forget how he was attacked by a killer rabbit. Ike just stumbled into the job IMO and he was approached by both parties to run as their nominee. I will admit that Gerald Ford may have been the dumbest President ever, but was widely seen as a good guy.
    Give this MSM 3 more years to non stop attack this president, that may be enough to take him down. The steady drip drip attacks do mount up particularly with mainly non political people. The medias job is to target the Independents and to do what they can to damage Trump with that group. The hardliners on both sides are not going to budge no mater what. Hell, he may even walk away himself rather than deal with those bast**** another term.

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