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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 1, 2017, 6:47 pm, in reply to "This Chart is Rigged"

    Big shock that the Democrats have targeted Trump, sending one of their shills, Robert Mueller to do the dirty work. Of course they want to take him down for attempting to ruin their criminal empire. Sessions recused himself because he has a sense of fairness and some dignity, Mueller and his BF Comey, not so much. Anytime the Democrats get their people in place they do whats best for the parties agenda. The Democrats dont have any Lindsey Grahams or John McCains. Shocking an Obama appointed Judge and a Hillary Donor are the judges for Manafort, and how fitting this wonderful DC court who managed to vote for Hillary 96%
    Had Trump not won does anyone believe Uranium one would be investigated? Of course not we cant be bothered with treasonous deals when Donald Jr. had a 5 minute meeting with a Russian. Id rather the country go all the way under than have another Obama in the white house. And before you lefties wet yourself its not because he is black. Alan West can move right in after Donald leaves or even Ben Carson who isnt my favorite even.

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