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    Posted by Wondering on November 2, 2017, 10:49 am, in reply to "Re: This Chart is Rigged"

    WOW, Trump gets bashed everywhere. I think he has done a damn good job with what he has to work with. Name me 1 negative thing that he has done that has actually affected you in the negative column. Obama was the worst president we have ever had. He won 2 times (not with my votes) but I sure in hell never berated him while he was in office, I just put up with him. But now that he is out of office I feel I have a right to express my views concerning his performance. Before Obama I thought Carter was the worst. Did not like the Johnson's, and I must put Reagan and Eisenhower in the same category. I think Clinton was an O.K. President, it is none of my business what he did on his down time, I am more concern about how they are running our country. In all of the Presidents we have had I am A J.F.K. fan. I know all of my stocks are sky-rocketing at the present time, and yes I know that could change over night, but I will take it and be happy for as long as it lasts. Immigration needs to be stopped. The middle class needs a big tax break, due to the fact the rich can afford their taxes, and the lower tax bracket people doesn't pay like the middle class bracket people do. Of course this is my opinion and I realize everyone has their own opinions. If the Democrats keep trashing Trump, and if the Republicans doesn't get on board, Trump will be elected for a 2nd term. Do not mistake that statement as far as saying they should be yes voters on everything, just vote the way that would be the best for the citizens of the United States. And as far as my party affiliation, I was always a straight Democrat all of my life, but now I am neither Democrat, Republican or Independent. I research the candidate and do my best to vote for whom I think would do the best job for the office that he/she is running for. Have I made mistakes in voting for wrong person, oh hell yes, more than once. But in this day and age it is hard to really figure out who the lying candidates are.

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