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    Posted by Nick on March 31, 2017, 7:22 am, in reply to "Re: General assistance audit "

    wow long message
    The report found no wrong doing what more is there Helen just reported that there was an audit

    Again the audit speaks for itself

    Yes the assistance help is hard to get and not many get it

    Ill bet since there was not much to look at everything was looked at

    I suggest you go out there and speak to them yourself and ask these questions

    It does no good for me and you to debate this

    I put out there what an independent audit found

    It looks like to me the audit was done correctly but if you have more questions its your right to go ask

    Ok I hope you go ask yourself and if you find out that some fraud was committed let me know too

    Iam very vocal and have called Attorney General in the past on issues

    I only wished I had ask questions first before I called to complain to them

    I called because I was told something was bad was happening there I started an issue because I reacted to what I was told just like what goes on here

    Lots of chatter and opinion with more opinion and Ill bet no one has went there to the office to but me

    Ok get some proof for and I will join you to make a complaint

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