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    Posted by Radio Head on March 30, 2017, 9:56 pm, in reply to "General assistance audit "

    Please show me where Helen gave the audit a passing grade. All I see is her telling people where they can get a copy of the results, what the auditors reported and where it was published. Since its so hard for anyone to get general assistance (thats what Viessman said in his radio interview) looking through four years of canceled checks shouldnt take more than a day or two. I dont care if it takes a month. And it should be done by someone else not the same auditor and it can be done without exposing the names of the handful that have squeezed some kind of help out of that fund.

    Im agreeing with Chris until an audit is performed by someone check by check, someone who can be trusted, I wont settle for anything less. And NOT just for checks made out to cash, BUT ALL OF THE CHECKS. You want to believe so bad what you have been told that you are reading more into what the document has said.

    If there is no wrong doing nobody should have a problem with it. And if checks and debit cards were used in paying medical insurance for Tammy Davis, whatever account the money was taken out of needs to be audited again. Something doesnt look right about insurance being paid for a part time employee BEFORE ANY RESOLUTION was passed about who is eligible and making other resolutions not count. I want to know why and how she was getting insurance, how it was being paid for out of any fund. I want to know about all checks in the assistance fund. The ones Marchetti and the supervisor wrote for cash and bought money orders, I want all the ones for WalMart and the receipts that go with them and for how long it was being done. Its not the auditors job to decide what is and isnt an approved purchase or expense, thats township business and state of Illinois statue business, its there job to add up the columns and reconcile the books based on the information they were given. Thats all. Viessman, Marchetti, Davis, Bettis and even Helen should not have a single part in this audit.

    I want to know what Ron Motil the lawyer at that time knows about all of this insurances crap. He just disappeared one day not too long after that resolution in January 2016, why?

    "The forensic audit team must carefully consider what they have been asked to achieve and plan their work accordingly. The objectives of the investigation will include:
     identifying the type of fraud that is suspected,
     if found, how long it has been operating for,
     how the fraud was concealed for the duration
     identifying the fraudster(s) involved
     quantifying the financial loss suffered
     gathering evidence to be used in court proceedings
     providing advice to prevent the re-occurrence of the fraud.

    The investigators should also consider the best way to gather evidence, through data-mining, checking the transaction log systems, SWIFT for financial transaction,

    Gathering evidence

    In order to gather detailed evidence, the investigator must understand the specific type of fraud that has been carried out, and how the fraud has been committed. The evidence should be sufficient to ultimately prove the identity of the fraudster(s), the mechanics of the fraud scheme."

    If nothings wrong all is fine, if its not they should be able to find it. Taxpayers have the right to know. End of story.

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