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    Posted by Nick on March 30, 2017, 9:32 pm, in reply to "Re: General assistance audit "

    Chris I have to assume that the audit was complete

    I know when I go to the office to get FOIA I ask questions to Tammy and laura and have gotten answers

    I am satisfied but if you need more answers to specific questions I am sure laurie will give you straight and honest answers

    I can only say I feel I have not gotten duped--when I went out there to get FOIA the first time I had issues with the Tammy but I was defensive with her and we both left with a bad feelings that day

    I wish I could have done it different that day but cant undo the past except do the next best thing try to right the situation between us

    I have since made amends to her and I am sure I was not on my best behavior too that day but all is well now

    I would go out there your self and ask questions if you feel you need more answers than the independent audit gave us

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