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    Posted by Nick on March 30, 2017, 8:58 pm

    Ok for those doubters about the general assistance funds being stolen

    Helen the queen of the Township (I mean that with all respect too) says along with the ones that performed the audit gave them a passing grade so why cant we here accept the facts

    Here is the ones who did the last audit so now your issue is with them. I guess they missed a lot and Laurie pulled a fast one on them

    I know you all laugh and say I am being used but how can that be when the ones you all accuse of stealing is giving me the proof of a clean audit

    I think if every one of us would clam down and quit throwing rocks insulting each other when we differ go to the meetings like I do and its ok to get loud at the meeting just not disrespectful like I have done a few times

    If we don't get answers to our questions as a group we keep asking and demand answers -- We need to hold their feet to the fire they work for us

    Politics is what it is a friend and family business and I guess that is ok as long as they know they work for us and do a good job-- I would never hire anyone of my family members if I were an elected official because it could be a part time job and 4 years later looking for work if you know what I mean

    We can be demanding firm and expect answers from our elected official if we as a group hang together as taxpayers.

    I will not be on here forever but read and comment sometimes

    I hope we can all be more respectful no name calling but lets all come to the meetings and make our comments there too

    Let me address one last thing about the minutes on Tammy having two positions 4 years ago.

    I was not going to meeting regulary when Slate was the lawyer and said she couldn't hold two positions with the township that is in the minutes case closed no issue it was there plain and simple

    I was there with Elaine when I got involved with her campaign and there was a different lawyer then it was Ron ?

    I ask at that meeting if Tammy could hold two positions and he said yes different lawyer different meeting Lawyer two approved it

    I am sure its in the minutes but Elaine was present when I asked not the right answer we wanted at the time

    let me comment on minutes too I have been misquoted in the minutes many times and complained at the meetings the last several months about them being inaccurate.

    I came to the meeting with typed copies of my statements in print to be added to the minutes and the current lawyer made the statement that the minutes only have to be accurate on who is present and how they voted

    My typed comments were not accepted to be added to the minutes so please don't tell me the minutes are accurate -- I called the attorney general about them being in accurate

    I was told they don't want them to be in accurate but that is not in their control

    It left me speechless but they did refer me to an other agency to see what they would say about it I dropped it at the time because I was working a lot

    Elaine was there when I ask that question I would hope she would remember that since I was helping her to get elected

    ok Tammy won doing a good job my opinion made changes to her dept kept her staff that worked for Elaine

    I have gotten to know the two deputy assessors the last several years and all are good true public servants

    Ok I will be waiting for the insults and rocks to be hurled at me but that's ok id it make you all feel better

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