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    Posted by Riverbender on November 11, 2019, 5:56 pm, in reply to "Re: When asked to show a receipt?"

    I have a strong feeling that those checkers at the door, in my mind, are there more to check on the store checkout personnel rather than the self serve. Case in point is the club store in Glen Carbon. When they just had a few self serve lines they still checked all customers at the door. They could easily see that some of those full to the brim carts could not be managed in a self checkout line.
    I tend to think, and this is just me, that a big issue would be collusion between an employee and a customer where one item would not be rang out yet the customer would have been seen as going normally through the checkout line paying for all of their goods.
    So this brings me to wonder if by going through the process to catch store employees then are you in substance an employee of the Club rather than being in the form of a simple member providing no services at this point? What if you were in that line and were somehow injured; is that possibly a workman's comp situation as opposed to a general public liability situation? Are there involuntary servitude issues in this? Naturally the Club would bring out those membership papers to fit the bill as they want it to be but consider they say that about cart accidents on the parking lot too unless the issue is pressed.
    Total aggravation is what it is though and it's not just at the clubs. Go to Home Depot's store in Ferguson and be prepared for the same treatment.

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