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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 11, 2019, 3:18 pm, in reply to "Re: When asked to show a receipt?"

    I think people save their worst behavior for going into these stores, and its only getting worse. You expect the usual stuff, mommy and or daddy slipping items into babies diaper bag but the real fun begins when you get in line. Its not a fun time unless at least a couple of 5 year olds are kicking your cart or at least sticking their grubby hands into it. Then hearing daddy yell, telling the little savages to straighten up or im going to bust your ass followed by a lot of screaming and crying is always a joy to witness.
    After all of that showing a receipt to get out seems almost welcome. My very favorite visit was to a Quick Trip a few years back outside of good Ole Ferguson Missouri. I sort of like their hot dogs, but when i saw two 85lb, 50 year old tweaker women taking the buns out of the little plastic containers and feeling them all up to find a fresh one, made me
    and my friend decide on a Hardees detour
    I dont see anything wrong with a business trying to limit theft, not every store has to be like Dollar General and have more stuff walking out than was is actually paid for. I know at one time a certain Collinsville farm store was really big on trying to catch an employee stealing a paper clip while at the same time all but green lighting customers walking out with half of the store.
    In the end their is nothing worse than a thief, and despite a relatively low violent crime rate, this area is loaded with people that seem to have no problem taking things that dont belong to them.

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