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    Posted by Wally Bunker on October 30, 2019, 7:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Saint Louis Chargers?"

    Every city that loses a pro franchise feels that they have been screwed over. Baltimore wasnt thrilled when that team moved in the middle of the night, they still scream about it. When St. Louis got the Rams, id wager people in L.A. didnt like it very much, but i doubt St. Louis had many pity parties for them. Now that the Rams have bolted from St.Louis many from this area not happy about it, and people in L.A. really dont care how they feel. Its a cut throat business and if folks want to blame it all on Kroenke that is what they should do. Thats all i heard for two years from family members is what a rat bas**** Kroenke is and hell, he probably is. But hes not a fool, hes very shrewd and he simply out smarted a lot of people in St.Louis who were desperate for a team, and made concessions that they couldnt comply with when the stadium became unacceptable. The Edward Jones Dome didnt just fall below the top tier of other NFL Stadiums, by 2008 it was ranked as the worst stadium in the NFL despite being built in 1995. They made some restorations in 2009 but it still was rated as one of the worst football stadiums in the NFL, NOT a top tier stadium. That was the beginning of the end for St.Louis, because they fumbled and bumbled around and didnt get serious until it was too late.
    Those that say Kroenke is a jackass and he never meant to stay here and he could have done this or he could have done that are probably 100% right. In the end that didnt much matter though. Now he may have to pay some court settlements on the way and he may have bolted anyway, but the like it or not he was handed an out and he took it.
    The poster who trashed the NFL, i really do agree with him. Everytime i turn the TV on and watch football i feel guilty, but not because the Rams left. Hell i could care less, im a Packers fan. I just think the whole league is a sham and i get tired of the drama and the stupid rules changes. Maybe St.Louis is better off with out football. St.Louis is and always will be a baseball town. The city has almost lost the Blues a half a dozen times over the years. Basketball and football were given two cracks at it that i know of, getting a third try may take a while. Even being a baseball town they once had two pro baseball teams and lost one of them. The Baltimore Orioles were the St.Louis Browns. The Cardinals damn near left at one point but in the end it was the Browns.

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