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    Posted by 3Dee on July 5, 2019, 11:40 am, in reply to "GC Fireworks"

    Oh yes, a goodly number of Facebook friends who live in other locales found themselves in Good Ole Granite City last night.

    I think like the VP fair, Granite should do more to profit off of it.... Have a few concession stands in designated areas and charge Busch Stadium prices.

    I know Granite City is built on some German Protestant roots and maybe even a strand of prudishness that revolves around the event...

    Maybe create a prude section in the fields along 27th street...where there is still a semblance of summers of long ago in beautiful Granite City..but then over by the ball diamonds and such... get some concession stands with Busch Stadium prices.. and bring some of that Granite Money back to Granite...

    $10.00 for 16 oz of beer...... $12.00 for 5 oz wine... $5.00 for coke and pepsi.... and $4.00 bottles of water with $5.00 brats and $4.00 dogs with $2.00 bags of chips.

    That way Bryan and Natalie can bring Jaxon, Madalyn, and of course....Sebastian to the park ... and they can plunk down at least $75 a family to watch the fireworks.

    Granite City puts tens of thousands up in smoke...time to start recouping...

    Somehow...like the Stadium...we have to find a way to prohibit outside items.... Somehow the VP fair does it... St. Louis profits on all those flighty whiteys... so go for it Granite!

    I know after all those years that's 'inferiority complex' type of thinking....but it's a helluva lot of fun to come up with ridiculous ideas..that have maybe a hint of truth to them.

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