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    Posted by Citizen1969 on March 16, 2018, 11:14 pm, in reply to "Re: Who the hell are these people?"

    "Posted January 8, 2017 | 0 Comments

    Posted by: James Amos| Posted in Church Update

    Over the fall of 2016, the Lord has shown the leadership of The Resurrection and August Gate Church that we should explore in prayer the possibility of joining forces to reach Granite City.

    We do not yet know the Lord's final will in this matter. We are simply seeking his will in prayer, and learning more about one another. And we know He wants us to explore this possibility.

    But we are far enough down the road of believing such partnership is possible, that The Resurrection is going to spend most of the month of January travelling together to attend Sunday services and small groups with August Gate Church, so we can learn more about our brothers and sisters.

    It's important to remember that August Gate has two locations (called campuses): "South City" St. Louis and "Metro East" O'Fallon, IL, for three total services each Sunday. We'll visit them all on different days. So be sure to keep an eye on our website calendar for details each week.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Pastor James at (618) 798-1771."

    "ANNOUNCEMENT: The Resurrection becomes part of August Gate Church
    Posted February 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

    Posted by: James Amos| Posted in Church Update

    The following public announcement was first made on March 28, 2017, via Facebook.


    Itís announcement time.

    Itís my joy to be able to publicly announce today that the Lord Jesus has now officially and spiritually merged The Resurrection into August Gate Church. And for this, we celebrate, thankful for all God has done, and will yet accomplish.

    Since moving to Granite City, Illinois and planting The Resurrection officially in October 2010, I have had the indescribably beautiful privilege of experiencing Jesusí transformative Gospel power all around me, in the lives of our little flock. God has done so much in the lives of so many during these years, including my own!

    All this will continue. I have personally known and watched some of the key leaders at August Gate Church for close to 15 years. We have all become convinced through prayer that God has now brought us together, to partner for the sake of the Gospel in our region, as a family. Itís very exciting.

    None of us have all the details, and none of us presume to know Godís future plan, beyond the Scriptures. But we donít need to, we have heard Him on this, and we trust Him.

    In this next season, I would like everyone out there to be aware of 3 things: Pass these on for me, will you?

    1) August Gate Church is one church, currently with two Sunday gatherings: South St. Louis City and OíFallon, IL. Check out our website and learn more.

    2) If you are looking for a great church, we meet on weeknights in peopleís homes throughout the area, including in Granite City. Look on the Website under Gospel Communities.

    3) Since we all believe being a pastor is a role that we raise people up into within a local congregation, I am no longer a pastor. This is because it is our intention that I come under the processes that August Gate Church has created to raise up pastor/elders. This will happen (if at all) according to their timing and discretion. We all agree this is the appropriate next step for us, and whatever gain I had I gladly count as loss for the sake of Christ. (Just letting you know this is the case.)

    4) I am sending more information out to our faithful partners and partnering organizations this week, but I felt itís time to get the word out there today.

    Our people and I are so thankful that the Lord is carrying us into this next season. This is not the end, at all. This is a new partnership, under the same Lord Jesus, with the same Gospel message that saves and transforms weak, sinful people like you and me, forever. This is simply a resurrection.

    We believe in resurrection. Deeply.
    But we are August Gate Church. Joyfully!

    James Amos
    Granite City, Illinois"

    Is there any doubt now about Mr. Amos's priorities?

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