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    Posted by Citizen1969 on March 15, 2018, 9:51 pm, in reply to "Who the hell are these people?"

    I am new to posting here, but have read the conversations for a long, long time. I have wondered about many of the conversations discussing the wrong-doing of my local township, I have read conversations about the "topic of the day", but I have not felt compelled to jump in until today. Not until I watched this insulting video, only to discover that the Granite City Economic Development Director is directly involved with this "movement" in lieu of developing our local economy. In lieu of doing what he is paid to do.

    Never in my forty eight years of living in this community have I ever felt more like I've been slapped across my face. Slapped across my face by ill-informed, sanctimonious non-residents who are now proclaiming that "Granite City has needed the Gospel for a long time." "That Granite City is broken." Thank you Mr. Amos, there is no doubt as to why new business is thumbing it's nose at our town. You aren't doing your job, your mission is to call in "your" troops to fix us Godless sinners.

    As a life long parishioner, Sunday School Teacher and volunteer for my church, I am highly insulted at this group who think my church, and all the other churches and church outreach resources (food pantries, clothes give aways, baby supplies, and so much more) that have served Granite City for decades, if not for a century or more, are of little or no value and are being discounted by a handful of "know it alls" who no nothing of this community other than what they have been told by a handful of people, one of them being James B. Amos. Why are they ignoring the many utility bills, medication prescriptions, rent and other daily needs that are met by our local churches in addition to the spiritual needs we do our best to attend to.

    How dare this city stand by and watch our Mayor continue to employ, defend, or even ignore the negative and insulting message his Economic Development Director is spreading far and wide about our city? How dare they insult the many fine churches, pastors, congregations and wonderful giving citizens in this town?

    I am in complete agreement with the original message that this man should be forced to resign. I will be discussing this with my pastor and the board of my church, as well as, every other pastor and congregation of all the churches in our city.

    I am at a loss for words, Mr. Amos. Do Granite City a favor, don't do us any favors. We don't need your negativity and we should not continue to pay your salary.

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