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    Posted by 3Dee on January 2, 2018, 8:34 am, in reply to "Eliminating the Recorder's Office"

    While the publication itself is a partisan rag that takes an actual printed form around election day (I have experienced this) ---

    I do agree.

    Illinois itself has too many layers of government and to many people to 'administer' those layers of government.

    Since a majority of people, I assume, are in Granite City IL --- at least GC has a consolidated school district.

    In other places, there are grade school districts, high school districts....and even one-school districts that have superintendents at every level feeding from the trough.

    Many of my detractors will call this a partisan issue or try to throw it back to me that it's a Democratic issue.

    To say that is not only untrue, but it doesn't solve the problem....

    Pinpointing who created the problem does nothing to solve it.

    Some of these needless layers of government and needless positions are in all areas of the state, those that lean in both directions.

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