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    Posted by Radio Head on December 29, 2017, 10:02 pm, in reply to "Re: Township building"

    Bob Shipley looks like John F. Kennedy compared to Randy Presswood and his band of merry bandits.

    Why is no one able to FOIA request a copy of the internal forensic audit report without receiving some hatchet job fake document, digitally manipulated and altered? Having some old fat ass, over-rated, paid township employee cut, paste, tape, copy and copy and copy some more and sling together some shitty, shoddy, ridiculous fake piece of garbage to keep all the corruption on the down low is against federal law.

    A copy of the FAKE document is in these messages somewhere. Maybe the investigative reporter at the BND who is willing to delve into a shit stained toilet for a story will take the time to actually look at it.

    Exposing that report would lead to some kind of journalistic award.

    Before I forget, I include Nick the Dick in the bucket of maggots who run the township, anyone of them would sell their grandchildren to make a quarter.

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