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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 5, 2017, 4:42 pm, in reply to "non-voting complainers"

    Mandatory voting was suggested a few years ago and it is of course about as dumb of an idea as it gets. Its bad enough some feel the need to give people cigs or handing out ten dollar bills in a near by city in order to manipulate people to vote is acceptable. It was the same way in the late seventies when one party would round up the residents at the assisted living center in Troy and take them to vote and of course for ice cream afterwords. Those folks had mental disabilities most of them and one women in particular bragged of voting for J.F.K. I dont think Kennedy was on the ballot.
    Bribing the mentally ill is bad enough, but now some want to brow beat the masses to vote. I would rather have mandatory minimum requirements for voters, than to round up people who dont know and dont care about politics. Its better that fewer people that have at least a basic understanding vote than a mass of people who know next to nothing. If you think Washington D.C. is in Springfield, you have no business voting.
    Dee, your friend may be on to something. Other than local elections how many statewide or federal elections werent decided far in advance of election day, in Illinois anyway? IMO 80% of these county level politicians on down are crooked as hell, and over site is a joke. They do what they damn well please. Nameoki Township is far from the only place that underhanded B.S. is the norm.

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