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    Posted by Opie2 on December 5, 2017, 10:44 pm, in reply to "Re: non-voting complainers"

    I know some candidates that use their precinct list to determine where to knock doors or send literature. The precinct sheet shows each time a person has voted and they usually run higher in more well to do areas of the community. They tend to be higher when more is on the ballot that directly affects the locals.

    As dee said, there's not a national level politician who knows GC exist, let alone cares to help us. The mill being down so long proves that.

    Equally as disturbing to me as the low voter turnout is the fact no one gets off their ass and runs for these offices that we all complain about.

    Think about the last time your alderman faced a challenger. It doesn't happen too often. There are people who serve on the park board for as long as fifty years And we wonder why things never change.

    I agree with the original post that if you don't vote take your complaints to the suggestion box and flush them. We have an opportunity every two years to change things locally but we don't. Laziness? Complacency? Fear? Lack of Pride? Why aren't any of the complainers on ballots folks?

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