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    Posted by 3Dee on November 6, 2017, 1:17 pm, in reply to "Re: Another Sad Day"

    Absolutely my post was in poor taste.

    It's equally in poor taste to talk about the DUI issue and then bring someone else's name out there and potentially open a wound there. That is very irresponsible. I certainly do not want to be a part of exploiting any real pain that people feel in this posting community. If anything, we should at some point be more willing to help each other. We're all humans that see things different -- not people who are in the dehumanized 'other'.

    Your argument is that because there is DUI enforcement - and people still die by the hands of drunk drivers - that we should not tighten any gun laws.

    It's a fallacy on a good day and dangerous on less good days.

    At least we have DUI checkpoints, and our police officers have perhaps saved countless innocent and guilty lives by arresting drunk drivers. Aggressive enforcement hasn't cured society of that disease, but at least it has helped more than a few people get home alive --- even if a few had to first take a detour to the police station.

    I am not going to stand with being part of the 'dehumanized' other in the liberal camp on this one.

    This issue is not one of liberalism vs. conservativism.

    It is the need of serving the common good versus the selfish desire to stockpile weapons of mass-murder.

    It's not the gun you say --- it's the damn politicians who won't lift a finger to solve the issue....

    We're just suppose to PRAY about it, hoping that another one won't happen again, hoping that a town who lost 4% of its population at the hands of one shooter will somehow heal.

    It's time to get past the liberal vs. non-liberal bull$#!+....

    It's time to realize this is not a political issue ... it's a LIFE issue... people are dying becuase politicians funded by the NRA allow these mentally de-arranged people to obtain access to weapons that have no other purpose than to kill massive amounts of people efficiently.

    God is not going to help us --- because God allows for free will....and every free-will decision has a consequence.

    It's now in our hands, if we want a safer society.

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