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    Posted by Opie2 on November 6, 2017, 1:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Another Sad Day"

    It's equally in poor taste to talk about the DUI issue and then bring someone else's name out there and potentially open a wound there. That is very irresponsible.

    You don't know Horsey that well. She is very outspoken about the bastard that took her family and there's no wound to open. It never closes.

    Your argument is that because there is DUI enforcement - and people still die by the hands of drunk drivers - that we should not tighten any gun laws.

    It's a fallacy on a good day and dangerous on less good days

    Hardly. The point is that laws have not stopped people from dying at the hands of drunks. Let's pass a law today. No more rapid fire weapons. There we go. Problem solved and there will be no more murders. ( At least not in liberal fantasy land)

    It's not the gun you say --- it's the damn politicians who won't lift a finger to solve the issue....

    Ahh yes, the rallying cry of the left. The NRA owns the GOP politicians. Well then why didn't Obama and the dems ban guns when they were in control in 2007 and 2008?

    What would you have them do Dee? Come on. No more banter, give us a solid idea on how to end these murders. You're one of the most articulate and intelligent posters on here and you're not na´ve enough to believe that this can be fixed with laws on paper.

    The people who linked to this guy on facebook saw his posts and his background. The military knew he was a loose cannon. That seems to be the linking thing with all of these animals. They show signs and their neighbors, friends, family and followers don't give the cops a heads up. Why? Because the left would say they are "profiling" these animals.

    It's time to realize this is not a political issue ... it's a LIFE issue...

    Most pertinent statement in your post.

    people are dying becuase politicians funded by the NRA allow these mentally de-arranged people to obtain access to weapons that have no other purpose than to kill massive amounts of people efficiently.

    Most ridiculous and unfounded statement in your post. Do you guys not get the fact that many of these weapons are obtained illegally through theft or black market purchases? Do you think a guy like this has the funds to purchase a "stash" of weapons? Come on.

    You're correct that prayer won't end this madness. Prayers, to those Christian radicals that liberals seem to hate, is simply a way to provide comfort to the victims and our country.

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