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    Posted by CrackerJack on October 4, 2017, 10:56 pm, in reply to "Re: Check your hands lefties "

    I don't think anyone is missing the point here. You can't have it both ways.
    "Them vs Us, Us vs Them... so sick of that mentality."
    That's strange considering all your posts from the past. I think what you're really sick of is exactly what Wally pointed out in his post. "that only the leftist elite have the authority to judge?", because you sure did your fair share of it before, during and after the election.

    For your viewing pleasure...

    This is not about Clinton or Obama, it's about that totally inept moron sitting in the oval office (reference the last line at the bottom of this post) 

    Poor Donald. Valid followers or bots, it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't doubt Trump would be behind it himself so he could brag about his "Yuuuuge" increase in followers.  (refrence the last line of this post)

    No, that's not a fact Spruce, that's the way the short sighted Trump supporters choose to believe and it's delusional.

    Trump and his press secretary deserved to be bashed

    what a total fool he is, no need for any media to hype it.

    None of the conservative leaning folks were complaining about the media when Obama was bashed by the conservative media.

    Trump and his flunkies have zero credibility.

    You can hate on Clinton all you want, I don't care, she's not the President (even though she won the popular vote by almost 2.9 million votes).  (Even though it doesn't matter)

    Trump is an embarassment to our country and he only cares about himself.  Ridiculous  

    On another note, to say that Dems and liberals can't accept that they "lost" is not what all the protests and resistance to him is about. It's Trump himself and some of those who he surrounds himself with. Actions and words matter and he's a complete disaster.  (Yeah okay)

    Don't forget she got over 2 million more votes than Trump. Yeah, I know, it doesn't matter in the end because of the electoral system, but it does show that more Americans voted for her. (I know it doesn't matter but) 

    This article does a good job of summarizing my opinions of "Hillary's lies". Yes, I know you will say this is from the biased "mainstream media", but it still contains facts. I read and watch all kinds of media, some left biased, some right biased and I make an informed decision based upon what I believe are facts.

    It's clear that the majority of those that post on here choose to believe differently, but the posters here are not an accurate representative sampling of the entire country or state

    My vote for Clinton is a vote for Democratic principles, her experience, knowledge, and her clearly defined platform

    I know the Trump campaign is desperate for anything that will turn things around for them. (You shouldn't have fell into that trap that the MSM set for you)  ( S I L E N T   M A J O R I T Y )

    As far as the crowds the two candidates draw, it's irrelevant. Trump's crowds simply feed his own ego. People aren't going to vote for who draws the biggest crowd, it's an election not a TV show.   (Really?)

    Trump's going to lose and then cry like a baby that it was rigged. He's pathetic.  (Kind of like the resist cry babies)

    I didn't realize it, but it is true. Google it and you'll find all kinds of articles supporting that. (Well, if you Googled it)

    He is well known for making crazy claims with no facts to back them up. He recently tweeted:
    "Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning"   Problem is that his ardent supporters believe this crap.  (What "crap"? Because it was firebombed) AND (He was winning)

    Trump is a complete lunatic who will never be President. (Wait what?) Opps

    He knows he's going to lose big, he's already looking for a way to save face  "it's all rigged" "it's all rigged" "it's all rigged" (Wait what?) Opps  Who's trying to save face now?

    Hopefully, Clinton will win and the Dems will take over the House.

    It's evident that conservatives just wait and watch for anything the President does that they can spin. (No way did you typed this with a straight face)

    There was a lot of conflicting information at the time of the attacks. Bottom line is this was a terrible tragedy and possibly could have been prevented, but Clinton bears no personal responsibility
    wow, okay
    It's very clear to anyone with even half a brain that the sole purpose was to hopefully derail her campaign for President. It failed. Big time.  (Did it?)

    What's sad is that the Republicans are running scared- and when it comes to 2016 they should be... Opps

    Nice try, Republicans.... I think your plan just backfired.  

    The Republican members of this committee have made complete fools of themselves tonight. On the plus side, they've done nothing but help to elect Hillary Clinton

    Give Trump the nomination -- it will be like handing the Presidency to Clinton...Wait what?!?

    I wonder if you will have as much hatred for Hillary when she is elected. (Guess we'll never have the chance to know this answer)

    It also made more sense to me after reading that Republicans were much more likely to feel threatened vs. Democrats  (Google again?)

    some of these anti Obama posts are what you'd expect from a 7th grader.  (Reference this entire list of yours)

    Just about every situation, good or bad will have the "Us VS Them" and the "Them VS US" mentality until the day comes people of your mindset accept that the election did not go your way and your candidate did not win. You are right about one thing though, nothing will change the outcome of this horrific crime. If this was a politically motivated crime, and it happens to be someone who hates Trump, we will never hear about it from the MSM.

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