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    Posted by LimitedOut on October 2, 2017, 9:01 pm

    This crackpot that fired into the crowd at the concert, was ate up with hatred for Trump and republicans.

    He was spotted at anti Trump rallies and was part of the resist Trump movement. He proudly wore his pink vagina hat and waved his sign to anyone that would look his direction.

    These far left crazies are unstable and consumed with hate. Many of them have not been able to move forward with their lives since the election. Hating President Trump has been incorporated into every single aspect of their lives. They take that hatred to the work place with them, to the schools, and churches. This hatred hides in the back of their throats and sneaks it's way out into just about every conversation no matter the original subject.

    These same people have aligned themselves with every speck of fake news available, and the main stream media, along with these consumed lefties feed off of each other to perpetuate the false facts and out right lies. Even the most absurd and ridiculous fake stories, and photo shopped pictures are eagerly told and repeated to fuel these fires even though the media and people telling these lies know they are false, they don't care knowing full well that the most gullible will be more than ready to grab onto anything that may possibly make the President look bad.

    The hatred these people have allowed to take over their lives, and the desire to push their beliefs at anyone who will give them a chance to do so, is partially at fault for this latest tragedy. Also, the fault of the main stream media with the hate filled messages being shoved down the throats of every single American who turns on the nightly news.

    I have read a few opinions of some local residents that are extremely opinionated about their hatred for the President. You would think that being in some of their positions, some working with the public, some serving the public, some representing the public, that they would exercise just a bit of caution when expressing their feelings or political views. But again, their hatred clouds even their better judgment, and they have also joined in on this resist/hate Trump movement. Some to the extent they have ruined their reputations or at the very least, put it in jeopardy, and lost much of the respect they had earned from many of us.

    The jokes and jabs that we all once found funny, the name calling, (snowflakes) and references to "safe places" and therapy coloring books etc... was normal post election back and forth banter. All these months later it is painfully obvious that the hurt and disappointment and shock from the election results apparently did do some mental damage to some. Therapy for some, was undoubtedly needed. This latest tragedy is proof positive of that. Nobody knows exactly what shoved this murderer over the edge, but you can bet is was politically motivated, whether or not the media admits it.

    This hate has to stop. Time for healing is now. The time for acceptance is now.

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