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    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 23, 2017, 3:01 pm, in reply to "Re: Show your support"

    I had just over a two year stint in law enforcement 30 plus years ago and i can say with clarity, in those times these Anitifa sorts would have got their heads bashed in during that period. That was prior to the days of the cops being told to stand down and watch while the idiots tore down statues and or burned the city down. Nobody threw bottles and balloons of piss at us, and if they would have, they would have done it only once. They didnt play games in those days, but that was way before Obamas war on the police. Now the dirt bags run the show.
    The nonsense isnt going to stop as long as these low lives are not given a reason to stop. Most of them dont work, some are funded by various leftist groups so time in on their side. Im hearing now they will create a big scene when the Cardinals get back in town, and that sounds like a damn good plan to me since in sure any resistance will be token. Im sure this deranged, dumb broad mayor will be cheering the protesters on and watching closely to see if the police forget to dot an I or cross a T.
    What was that name Jeffrey Leonard called St.Louis again???? Oh ya, he called it a "COW TOWN." Im not sure that still fits today, but St.Louis is a joke. The Midwest has had an inferiority complex as far back as i can remember, maybe this is the way they can make the national news.

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