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    Posted by Wally Bunker on September 22, 2017, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Show your support"

    The mayor of St. Louis should be thanking the police for saving her house from being burned down by those animals, but no shes a leftist first and foremost more than anything else. Her response has been to stab them in the back. This heroin dealer was actually out on bond with a prior drug and gun charges. He gets caught in another drug deal, rams the police car twice and takes off at speeds over 90 MPH putting decent human beings at risk.
    Many people seem to want affirmative action for police shootings. Since all the officers in Baltimore were found NOT GUILTY, by a black judge and the officer who rightfully ended the Gentle Giant in Ferguson was also NOT GUILTY. Some now feel they need a cop sacrifice, to even out the scorecard. Im pretty sure its not supposed to work that way. Even some so called conservatives are itching for a cop to get hung out to dry on one of these split second decisions that people like to Monday Morning Quarterback.
    Obamas war on the police has made the police officers job much harder, on top of that we dont need 75 IQ idiots judging these men and women how to do a job they wouldnt last one shift doing.

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