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    Posted by LimitedOut on September 22, 2017, 6:53 pm

    You have to draw the line some where. How far do we as a community, let this go? When do we step up and speak out on the behalf of our Police Officers?

    Anthony Lamar Smith,

    (A man who tried to run over police officers with his car, refused to pull over his car, hit and ran vehicles and fled the scene, forcing the police to pursue him in a high speed chase).

    This suspected drug dealer ends up being shot and killed after the high speed chase. Police find heroine in the car, when tested, found DNA evidence matching the DNA of the suspected drug dealer.

    "Mayor Lyda Krewson hugged the mother of Anthony Lamar Smith after the Board of Aldermen passed a resolution in her son's memory."

    How are we allowing another criminal to be mourned and treated as a hero, while elected officials are chastising our police officers?

    This is happening because we stand for it. The time has come for us to stand up and speak out in support of our police officers.

    I want to do my part in letting these officers know that I understand how the FLU can effect a person. Some times it can take 12 to 24 hours or more to get over the flu to be able to return to work.

    I understand and fully support law enforcement taking time off to get over an epidemic of the BLUE FLU.

    Maybe 24 hours or so of healing time, would give Mayor Lyda Krewson a chance to reflect and find a well deserved respect and appreciation of those who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve in the line of duty.

    Click the link to watch this slap in the face to law enforcement.


    Please help spread this message and pass this on!

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