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    Posted by Chris on August 17, 2017, 5:11 pm, in reply to "Guess what???????"

    Here is my take, which many couldn't care less. Hellen always wanted to be on that board (MESD), and thought she could help. I am sure mess needs backing from the county, and who better to help, that someone that served for 15 years...

    When she got on there(MESD), the first meeting(I believe) they had lost all this money over the last few years and had to layoff 40% of their workers.

    The part that was left out, as mayor Pagano alluded to, lansdown is not paying their fair share (because the tax payers are not paying in that area, imagine that) , so one half is subsidizing the other.... later find out the new director makes $10k/year more (approx) than the last... the director is making the same pay as his last county job, I get that, don't want to take a pay cut.... but it's odd to raise that salary, knowing you are going to cut 20 employees the next month or 2. So, Hellen got a few things done that she wanted, namely getting the lake dropped when needed, and has a voice at all the meetings. She couldn't get someone she was comfortable with as a replacement (me) so prenzler offered her the seat back (because I am sure he didn't want another to fail), and she agreed. As far as the confirmation, how could it not be unanimous, the voters (from the district) elected her, who would not confirm that appointment. That would be crazy, even under this strange circumstance.

    I may be naive, but I don't think this is a master plan. I don't think she was put on their specifically to layoff people. I think prenzler could get many people to vote his way on that board (that he appointed), I think it just happened... I spoke to Hellen and she languished over the layoffs....

    I did speak to her specifically about the election hearings and the confusion. I was there that night. And she explained to me what she had done, jotted down notes about the issues she had. So she had written it down, but it wasn't a formal write up. It made sense to me. If you were there, you could see, the attorney was badgering her similar to tom cruise in top gun looking for the code red order.... anyway, we all have different opinions, and the right answer is a mixture of all of them. Just my opinion, have a great night!

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