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    Posted by machine_easy2 on March 18, 2016, 12:28 pm, in reply to "Re: trump train"

    Bottom line he has the assets to buy & sell G.C.
    and all the people in it ...

    No, he does not. Plain and simple. If he sold everything he owns and spent all the money he got, he might be able to buy up all the houses, thats it. There are business worth hundreds of millions in town too. It's possible he could find financing for it, but thats not quite the same thing.

    For the sake of argument, lets say my net worth is $100k. So if I'm worth 100k can I just go out and buy a 100k house? No, I could get a loan but, doing so doesn't increase my net worth (unless I bought the house for way less than it's worth). Things like houses and business take time, often lots of time, to get the cash out of. Other investments have terms of time, you cannot, with out steep penalties, cash out early, thats why they call them non-liquid, you can't just poor the money out. So he could try to buy the whole damn town, but it would take him years to get all the cash, or he could borrow, but that would most likely deflate his net worth. If I lived in GC still, and thought he actually wanted to do that, I would not be worried about getting a moving truck for 20 years.

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