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    Posted by machine_easy2 on March 17, 2016, 5:06 am, in reply to "Re: trump train"

    Oh wow, so someone born with a silver spoon in their mouth, who's spent their entire life being a rich b!tch, never knowing what its like to have work for living, is better than me, somehow.

    I had forgotten, being born billionaire is the first and most important qualification of a decent human. Scamming people out of their life savings in a fake University scheme is after all, nobel. Forcing old people put of their homes to built over them with pleather palaces is what Jesus recommends, read the book of John, I swear, it's all there.

    You can call drumpf "highly educated" all you want. I've met plenty of people from schools even more exclusive than drumpf's, seems about half of them are still of below average intelligence, just like drumpf. You can educate an idiot all you want, but your only going to wind up with an educated idiot. The problem comes when uneducated idiots, start thinking the educated one is somehow not an idiot anymore, because he's been educated.

    I may not be a billionaire, but unlike most, I'm smart enough to know I really wouldn't want to be, and unlike drumpf, what I do have, I earned.

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