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    Posted by machine_easy2 on March 18, 2016, 11:27 am, in reply to "Re: trump train"

    What I am saying is, it is hilarious that you feel that most of the billionaires of the world are just to damn dumb

    When I did I ever say that most billionaires are dumb? I'm talking about one, and thats drumpf. I don't wanna be a billionaire, it's not for me. Not that I wound't mind having a few million, I don't think wealth is a bad, just the opposite, it's a very good thing.

    The tax on people who are bad at math, most people know as the lottery, is not a good way to build wealth. If you are playing the lottery for anything more than fun, thats dumb. Throwing in with the guys at the office when the jackpot gets really big, OK... spending your last $5 twice a week hoping to hit the big one, so you can finally be rich, suggests to me you lack wealth because you don't really know what it is, or how to build it, and when you win, you will in time, loose. They studied the effects of winning the lotto, compared to having a debilitating accident, turns out, a year after the win/injury people that became paraplegic were happier. Not shocking to me at all, but my idea of the good life isn't owning a Lamborghini Murciélago and a 50000 sqft house. (It would be fun to drive a murc though)

    Drumpf once tried to use eminent domain to force an elderly woman out of the home she lived in for 30 years, to build a parking lot for limos. Any man, so callused is not fit to pick the justices that will set the Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court for the rest of my life.

    He actually said this about the house pictured above:

    “Everybody coming into Atlantic City sees that property,” Trump continued. “And it’s not fair to Atlantic City and the people. They’re staring at this terrible house instead of staring at beautiful fountains and beautiful other things that would be good.”

    I think it's a pretty house myself, it's that concert tomb looking thing with the nearly naked lady on it that looks trashy, and like many drumpf ventures, it failed, now closed, and even if he'd of gotten his way, those pretty fountains wouldn't be on for anyone to drive by and see.

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