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    Posted by Hard Core on February 15, 2016, 5:44 pm

    We are getting another pharmacy in town. I heard rumors about getting a CVS, I hope this is true. I can't stand our Walgreens, well I can't stand the employees of the pharmacy part of the store.

    I get the fact that they are seeing people that are not in the best of moods, picking up medicine for a sick kid or family member, or people who are sick themselves. But that does not give them a free pass in the good customer service or decent manners part of their jobs.

    The actually act pissed off in general only because you walk up to the counter. I can't wait to yank my business away from this location and take it else where and to tell them in the process, they can KMA for all the years of crappy customer service and down right rudeness.

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