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    Posted by machine_easy2 on February 16, 2016, 3:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Tell me it's true!"

    Perhaps I'm missing something, could somebody explain to me what is appealing about either CVS or Walgreens? They don't cary near the goods of a grocery store, cost more than a gas station, and they seem to have poor customer service almost universally. Why do people shop there? I could see the 24 hour pharmacy being compelling, after hours, but around me the grocery store pharmacy is 24/7, and the Walgreens and CVC close. It's not often they are the only store nearby, what gives? How do they stay in business? I avoid them like the plague, who knows, some one might have the plague inside, but people still go.

    I get Walmart, I don't shop there, but I get it. I don't shop in fancy department stores, but I grasp the reasons someone might. I don't know why people keep going CVS and Walgreens. This has bothered me for years.

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