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    Posted by Tom Archer on July 15, 2015, 7:38 am, in reply to "Jacob Glahn - signed examples"

    Good to here from you Eric, and I hope your search here and elsewhere leads to some very interesting information. As to your question, the only engraved LC Smith gun I've seen that can be attributed to your ancestor/s is an A2 Grade Smith signed/engraved on the top strap "Glahn S.C." (I have a pic somewhere, but there are others); so I'm assuming this gun was done by Jacob, one of his sons, or was a collaborative effort by the entire family. Perhaps you can provide an assist as to the meaning of the "S.C." designation? I may have been told at some point the significance of that designation, but don't/can't recall what it may have been at the moment.
    But your ancestors apparently engraved for other makers according to information contained in the book entitled "Steel Canvas" by R.L. Wilson; one of which was the Syracuse Arms Company. According to Wilson, your ancestors engraved a Syracuse Arms Company gun for none other than Teddy Roosevelt (I've yet to locate that gun); and he shows a picture in his book of a fully engraved Syracuse Arms frame that he claims came from surviving Glahn family records. High grade Syracuse Arms guns are rare, and I've seen a fair number; but after 25 plus years have yet to see a Glahn signed Syracuse Arms gun. This is a fact not uncommon on vintage American double guns, as seldom did engravers sign their work; and when they did it was usually with a "mark" such as initials being woven into scroll work or hidden in scene back ground work; seldom is a gun marked as blatantly obvious as the "Glahn S.C." moniker noted above. As a devoted researcher of the LC Smith and Syracuse Arms gun, I would certainly appreciate the sharing of any surviving family history/information associated with these men and those companies.
    Tom Archer

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