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    Posted by Tom Archer on March 28, 2015, 9:04 pm, in reply to "Letters of Authentication"

    We don't have the original order cards, and the shipping records typically provide only the most vital gun information. The most reliable way to check an ivory bead for originally is to examine color. An 80-100 year old ivory bead will show its age; its appearance will be yellowish, and on close inspection will often show what appear to be tiny cracks in the material. Ivory beads are prone to crushed, broken off their base, and pop loose on recoil (they are mounted by being tapped into a hole in the rib); so many guns originally having ivory beads have had them replaced over time. And then there are those individuals like me who consider ivory beads cool; and therefore have added same to the ribs of many double guns I have owned. Again, the most reliable indicator is that yellowish petina that only age can create.

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