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    Need a good smith Archived Message

    Posted by George on February 17, 2015, 1:30 pm

    Hello and greetings from the arctic, once known a PA. I have a ideal grade 12 ga featherlite with a HOT trigger. I noticed recently that the atomic safety was not functioning. This alone was not a major issue for me, I prefer a manual safety. More recently though I noticed that the safety could not be put on after you shot the first barrel and this does concern me. I don't think this is a major repair issue BUT I do not want to take the gun to just any joe blow with a screw driver either. Can you recommend a good smith within reasonable distance from Lancaster PA that could look at her for me? I tried shooting it and it didn't know it back into shape lol. This LC is to nice for a complete novice like me to learn on, its how those boxes of gun parts happen at gun auctions :-)

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