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    Posted by John Liles on November 3, 2014, 5:32 pm, in reply to "Re: 12 to 20 woes"

    Hello Marcus.....That's exactly the way it works!
    It may take a bit more transition than you've experienced so far. Given that my daughter and I have been shooting both 'Southerns' for about the last six years without my lovely wife, and that she's grown tired of our endless enthusiasm and recanting of the wonderful times and camaraderie we experience on our trips, she acquiesced earlier this year and agreed to try a 26" camo 391 that I surprised her with for Christmas.
    She's done tolerably well with it,(and I've gained a rainy day duck gun that I've already picked up 28 and 32 inch barrel sets for!) and joined us at the Fall southern in Georgetown last weekend. My daughter convinced her to try a 28" 20 gauge Elsie on the Practice 5-stand, as there were NO autoloaders in tow for the weekend.
    She only shot one round on the 5-stand, but hit 7 targets and was realy happy with the experience. Yep...I've set the hook, and I'm reeling her in slowly, but I think I'll have her in the cooler before the Spring Classic!
    Your mileage might vary, but that is the way it's working for me!
    Good luck, Just ease her into it with a gun that wont make her wish she stayed home!

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