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    Re: 12 to 20 woes Archived Message

    Posted by Marcus Merritt on November 1, 2014, 4:27 pm, in reply to "Re: 12 to 20 woes"

    Steve: the 20 ga. adapters were stainless steel GaugeMates and they have two shallow grooves at the muzzle end and an O-ring near the breach end of the insert. I believe the shallow grooves are for grease so coated the grooves and then put a small amount on the O-ring. The extractor pulled the entire insert out just like it would a shell but I was hoping that the empty 20 ga. hull would then easily come out with my fingers but no such luck. The inserts seem to be a nice snug fit in the chamber but I'm guessing the 20 ga. shell just expanded and gripped the insert fairly tightly. Not the end of the work to poke the empties out with a dowel but a disappointment that they won't come out by getting a fingernail under the rim of the hull. I will be better prepared next time at the range with a stick and a rag to clean my hands. Live and learn. Thanks.

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