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    Posted by Tom Breeden on January 5, 2011, 2:26 pm, in reply to "SBT Guns"

    The recent discussion about rib inlays on our forum provides a nice segue for me to bring up SBT guns. Looking at some accumulated data we have:

    Specialty S/N 538 with compensating vent rib and no inlay,

    Specialty S/N 560 with compensating vent rib and silver inlay,

    Specialty S/N 9849 with compensating rib and gold inlay.

    These guns were shipped during 1917/1919 and reveal inlay variations through the lowest grade in that time period. Olympic grades began shipment later in the next decade and have no documented inlays. Of the Eagles and higher grades only gold inlays have beem documented.

    The above data indicates to me that double gun inlays are probably random among the lower grades. But our sample size is very small so I encourage you to provide any SBT data along the lines provided elswhere in this thread. It is inportant to provise as much info as you can because the LC Smith records usually show only grade, serial number, barrel length, gauge, ejectors,finish/ship date and,sometimes,to whom shipped.

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