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    Re: shots lead or steel? Archived Message

    Posted by Larry S. Moore on October 24, 2006, 8:44 am, in reply to "Re: shots lead or steel?"

    I've hunted a variety of species for many of my 56 years. Concentrated on rabbits, pheasants, and dove where shot is concerned. Rarely ever is lead a problem. A good cleaning almost always gets the lead out. Like Dr. Bill said, only a few pellets anyway. I use 1 ounce of #4 or #5 for pheasants and rabbits. That is large enough to easily find them. Rarely have shot in the dove breasts - seems wings/back takes most of it.
    I reload approx 5 to 6,000 rounds total (not all for LC Smiths) shooting trap every year. Get tested for lead with my physicals and never have shown anything.

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