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    Re: shots lead or steel? Archived Message

    Posted by Bill Hambidge on October 24, 2006, 6:33 am, in reply to "Re: shots lead or steel?"

    "Newbie", from a purely medical/physiologic/chemical standpoint, solid lead, as in shot, passes through the human alimentary tract like the proverbial "S--- through a tin horn". The human digestive tract is not set up to break down any metallic solids.
    Further one probably gets more lead in ones drinking water as copper pipes were/are lead soldered at the joints. Alternatives to lead include Bismuth(also a heavy metal) and the various "matrix" "non-toxic" loads. Finally the number of lead pellets it takes to kill a given bird depends on many factor, but suffice it to say the number rarely exceeds 5-6 over the entire body. Good Luck, Dr. BILL

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