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    Posted by "NEWBIE" on September 15, 2006, 10:30 am, in reply to "Re: stocks"

    Morning Dr. Bill;

    Wish I could do one in 40 hours. Kept a log and journal on the Ithaca 20 guage we did last year, and the checkering alone took over 60 hours, when it was all added up. Maybe a guy shouldn't keep track of the time, but just enjoy the work itself, on the days when things are going well.
    I'm sure many of you know that. Have not heard from you since sending the pictures. Did they get there? If so, what is your opinion. If not, then I will try to send them again.
    Seeing how it is easy to contact you on this forum, will send corospondence here.
    Thank You;
    Bill Kraft

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